Tiny Events & the Palace of Memories

June 27 I started out thinking about language, about how sentences can be structured differently to describe the same event. I was interested in that. And while I'm still interested in that, it's not where I want to focus my attention now, though I'm just a short distance into this project. I'm confident this is … Continue reading Tiny Events & the Palace of Memories

The Tomato & the Leather Collar – Tiny Event #8

June 19 1. The tomato plant had fallen over just above the last tie. 2. It was bent at the waist, crown down. I righted the tomato plant to bind it to the stake. 3. I took off my leather collar and looped it twice and snapped it, strapping the tomato loosely to its stake. … Continue reading The Tomato & the Leather Collar – Tiny Event #8

Cough – Tiny Event #6

This is my first experiment in a listening tiny event. June 15 1. He was coughing. 2. He coughed and coughed and coughed. Coughed. 3. I woke up to the sound of his coughing, coming through two closed doors. 4. I lay awake for hours after he came home and started coughing. 5. I don't … Continue reading Cough – Tiny Event #6