Hair – #13

July 4

1. When I comb my fingers through my hair to pull the knots, long grey hairs come away in my hand.

2. Mom used to touch my head and smooth my hair when I was sick. Sometimes Dad rested his hand on the top of my head, then moved his hand to the fontanel and kissed my hair.

3. The band was loud. The place was dark. I had earplugs in (a sign on the pillar next to the bar advertised them for $2 a pair. I had brought my own. You didn’t use any, “never have”). You looked at me, at my hair (I was wearing it down).

4. My son is even more beautiful when his hair is almost shaved. I touch his head like I did when he was a baby and loved me like no one else.

5. Suartini swept the cuttings against the wall next to the door. Julian looked at the pile of his hair and said – it looks like a small animal. I translated and Suartini and Nyoman laughed and I said (in English) – like a pile of puppies.

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