Photograph of ‘the Devil’ and an Old Woman in Cuba

I came across the photograph this morning looking for something else.  I took it at the beginning of our trip to Cuba two years ago now.  It was the afternoon we arrived in Old Havana.  In the photo, you are standing with your left side toward me.  You are looking at me.  You have your arms crossed, your ubiquitous hoody tied … Continue reading Photograph of ‘the Devil’ and an Old Woman in Cuba


I started to fill a bowl with waterIn which to brine a duck for Easter The sound of water falling from the tapFalling into water in the bowlBrought to me the memory of waterFalling into water twenty years ago.


Maybe I should have left you alone to disappear. Instead I wrapped you in poetry when I felt you slip from me; I wanted my words to tether you, like long stitches pulled through the membrane of your soul -- a word-thread I stretched between us and knotted in my skin all the places you … Continue reading Words