Cough – Tiny Event #6

This is my first experiment in a listening tiny event. June 15 1. He was coughing. 2. He coughed and coughed and coughed. Coughed. 3. I woke up to the sound of his coughing, coming through two closed doors. 4. I lay awake for hours after he came home and started coughing. 5. I don't … Continue reading Cough – Tiny Event #6

Door – Tiny Event #2

I hesitate to share this one.  I feel like I should only disclose things that are neutral, not things that are angry or uncomfortable.  But I figure you, my dear reader, will have had angry or uncomfortable moments and maybe even slammed some doors. You are welcome to tell me about them. June 7 1. … Continue reading Door – Tiny Event #2