Cough – Tiny Event #6

This is my first experiment in a listening tiny event.

June 15

1. He was coughing.

2. He coughed and coughed and coughed. Coughed.

3. I woke up to the sound of his coughing, coming through two closed doors.

4. I lay awake for hours after he came home and started coughing.

5. I don’t think it was his coughing that woke me up. But it kept me up.

6. I don’t think it was his coughing that kept me up.

7. Or not only his coughing. I listened and thought the same three thoughts over and over.

8. While Julian coughed I thought of him, and I thought of you, and I thought of him.

9. I heard coughing and opened my eyes and looked into the dark. / I heard coughing and my eyes opened and I looked into the dark.  / He coughed; opening her eyes, she looked into the dark. / He coughed; her eyes opened; she looked into the dark. / He coughed and I opened my eyes in the dark and looked at the door. / You coughed. / You coughed.

10. You coughed and I lay under the sheet and shifted in the night and observed the pain.

11. I felt the pain-drone from the tear in my hip. / I heard your cough percuss. / And rip.

12. Neither of us slept until morning, for your coughing.


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