Rain – Tiny Event #5

June 10

1. By the time I got in the car I was so wet my dress was heavy and cold, clinging to me. I took it off.

2. I took off my soaked dress after I got in the car and threw it on the floor on the passenger’s side.

3. I threw my drenched dress down on the floor of the passenger’s side and sat for a moment in my bra and leggings, adjusted the heat and defrost.

4. I sat in the car, water running down my neck from my hair, dripping into my eyes. I had wanted just to take my clothes off, while I packed the car, so they would be dry and warm when I finished. If I had been alone I would have done it. But the janitorial staff was there and another woman with her grown sons. I took my soaked dress off when I got in the car.

5. I had taken my dress off when I got in. It was so wet I threw it on the floor. I didn’t know I’d have to get back out. There was a stick lodged under the car. I knelt and coaxed it out and wondered what I looked like – wet, in black lingerie, my ass in the air, part-way under the front of the car.

6. When I got in again and looked at my thighs and the way they spread out on the seat, I thought of Gertrude and the voluptuous shape of her body. Decades ago when we were studying together for the summer, she told me how she took her shirt off while driving on the highway.  She didn’t have air conditioning. She had long dark hair, cool glasses, wide hips, big breasts, a loud laugh. A truck pulled along side her and she glanced, saw the passenger looking at her. She accelerated and put her shirt back on (it must have had buttons. How would she manage that at speed otherwise?).

7. After an hour of driving after packing in the rain, the water still dripped from my hair down my neck. The water still dripped down between my legs (this is the sort of thing I would notice but not ever normally report).  I wanted to take my tights off and throw them on the floor next to my dress.

8. It’s raining again, but not like yesterday when I got so wet packing the car.

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