Needle – #27

October 17

1. I am sitting on the porch with mixed feelings. I am still angry at you after all these years of silence. Your little touch turned into your unjustified accusation right away. My sister said you and I would have to go to therapy together just to be friends.

2. I felt, feel, envious of you, that you have moved from one other place to another other place, refusing to come home. Maybe you can’t go home again. Or maybe you just don’t want to. And I thought – I couldn’t go somewhere with nothing. I would need my sewing machine (why not pen and paper for writing?). Then I thought, no, all I need are my hands and a needle (why didn’t I think of scissors or pins?). Then I thought, no, if I don’t have a needle, I can make a needle from a thorn. And I can find a sewing machine anywhere in the world, even in the tiniest place.

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