Ceiling – #19

July 17

1. His photographs showed the perimeter of the ceiling of a cheap hotel room. There was something beautiful about them, uncluttered, quiet, almost still (but the gaze shifts). I asked him what was the point of view he was asking the viewer to occupy in order to engage in the investigation of a hotel room ceiling and he answered – you would be on your back. I asked him – why would you be on your back?

2. I was taking photographs of the ceiling in a red room in the Medici palace at an angle that pictured the chandelier askew. I was told I wasn’t allowed to take pictures.

3. In Gaudi’s borrowed house the ceilings are all different, each one art Nouveau botanicals in pastel.

4. I wanted to avoid the visual clutter of the selfie sticks in the Alhambra. I shot above the heads of the crowd. The Alcazar had so few people I could photograph entire doorways.

5. The window was open just a little, just enough to let enough water in during the storm that the floor cupped and the ceiling below softened and sagged and I pulled it down and left a hole so now you can see the beams and the floor with wide planks hidden under the floor with narrow ones. You said I should take it all down and expose the old wood, which made me want to. Though it would not be clean, wires running through rough-drilled joists never meant to accommodate electricity.

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