Crow – Tiny Event #3

June 8

1. When we came home from our walk the crow was on the porch with its back to us, opening and closing its beak, panting.

2. The crow was on the porch when we got home and I stopped, and paused you, and we watched it until it flew.

3. The only birds I’ve seen on the porch are sparrows that stop for a second on the rail and hummingbirds that never alight. The crow was perched on the back of a chair with its back turned, its head turned, and its mouth open. I could see its tongue.

4. I thought it must know me if it was on my porch. Crows recognize faces. They can hold a grudge. The only one that could really know me is the one I see c often, coughing from the electricity wires.

5. The crow on the porch reminded me: when I was little there was  a crow the neighborhood kids called Petey. It would come visit us and play with string (with a ball?). After Petey disappeared we found a crow dead on its back with a hole in its chest. We said – stabbed through the heart.  We thought the murderer was another crow but it could have been a child.

6. After the crow left my porch, I looked to see if it shat from its perch.


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