Tiny Events – Starting Small

Something happened. It happened while I was sitting on my porch in the morning, drinking coffee, eating toast, and reading the New Yorker – same thing I do every morning – one of the reliable rituals that make me feel at ease.  It was a very small thing.  But this small thing struck me and made be want to write it down.  It would only take a sentence. I thought – how will I write it? And then I thought – there are many ways I can write it.  And then I thought – I will write this tiny event in multiple ways and see which I like best.  But then I liked them all, albeit some better than others.  I decided that it would be an interesting challenge to write about a tiny event a day in this same manner.  Rendering a tiny event in 6 ways sounded manageable to me. So I gave myself this challenge.  I have written a few now, with the aim to write every day but even 6 sentence seem a challenge some days.

I write these tiny events on my phone. I have wondered whether I should add photographs but decided not to.  I want them to percolate in your mind’s eye.  I want you to see them without my image becoming a kind of substitution for the words.  Just listen to my sentences and see what you see.  You can tell me about it if you want.

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